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The ADHD Success Shop – Who we are and what we do:

Living with ADHD is difficult. Before recently, most people believed that Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) was a ‘kid’s disorder’, something that only affected school children. We used to think of the stereotypical hyperactive little boy with ADHD who just couldn’t sit still. Thanks to the work of ADHD experts, such as Russell Barkley, Ph.D., Ari Tuckman, Psy.D. MBA, Patricia Quinn, M.D., William Dobson, M.D., Thomas Brown, Ph.D., Russell Ramsay, Ph.D., Ed Hallowell, M.D., and many more, we now know that about 1 in 20 people have the neurological condition known as ADHD, that not everyone with ADHD struggles in school, and that many with ADHD continue to meet the criteria for the condition throughout their life, with only 13% of them ‘outgrowing’ it. Severely hyperactive and impulsive children, once shunned as bad seeds, are now recognized as having a real neurological problem.

ADHD is a disorder of executive function. Executive functioning is a term psychologists use to describe the many tasks our brains perform that are necessary to think, act, and solve problems. Executive functioning includes tasks that help us learn new information, remember and retrieve information we've learned in the past, and use this information to solve problems of everyday life. A person's executive functioning skills make it possible for him to live, work, and learn with an appropriate level of independence and competence for his age.

Executive functioning allows us to access information, think about solutions, and implement those solutions. Because executive functioning is a theory and not a fully defined, documented, and verified idea, psychologists have differing opinions about what mental processes are involved. However, we'll give it a shot. Executive functioning may involve abilities such as:
• Estimating and visualizing outcomes;
• Analyzing sights, sounds, and physical sensory information;
• Perceiving and estimating time, distance, and force;
• Anticipating consequences;
• Mentally evaluating possible outcomes of different problem-solving strategies;
• Ability to choose actions based on the likelihood of positive outcomes;
• Choosing the most appropriate action based on social expectations and norms; and
• Performing tasks necessary to carry out decisions.
That's an impressive list, and most of us do this without knowing it. In people without executive functioning problems, the brain performs these tasks quickly in the subconscious, often without their awareness.

In a sense, executive functioning is almost like instinct.

People with executive functioning problems do not perform these tasks intuitively. They have difficulty with planning, organizing and managing time and space. They also show weakness with working memory. The continuous process of attention involves organizing and setting priorities, focusing and shifting focus, regulating alertness, sustaining effort, and regulating the mind’s processing speed and output. It also involves managing frustration and other emotions, recalling facts, using short-term memory, and monitoring and self-regulating action.

Here at the ADHD Success Shop, we understand the difficulties and challenges that having ADHD poses, and are working to find small ways to improve a person’s process, or the string of events that lead up to a specific outcome. We have interventions for both children and adult, and that can be used across settings – at home, in the classroom, in the office, and/or on the go. We have ideas to improve ADHD symptoms such as feeling restless, disorganization, organization, impulsivity, and difficulty managing time. We have books and other resources for purchase that can inform the individual with ADHD, or his/her parents, teachers, and/or significant others about ADHD and how this neurological/behavioral condition can impact functioning. Finally, Dr. Alison Kravit, a Licensed Psychologist and Certified ADHD Coach, offers her ADHD Coaching Services, and sheds some light on how beneficial Coaching is for ADHD.

Our History:

Dr. Alison Kravit is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in treatment and management of diagnoses such as: ADHD, depression, and anxiety, and provides guidance on issues such as: difficulties with particular stage of life/development, relationships and communication, improving social skills, and/or LGBTQ-related concerns. The practitioners at her clinic frequently refer patients to me for psychological evaluations in order to clarify diagnoses, understand possible barriers to progress in therapy, and provide insight regarding how emotions affect one's ability to cope effectively with stress. She is also a younger practitioner, and is more casual in my approach, which some people find helpful.

ADHD Coaching is a newer specialty of hers, and she received her accreditation through the ADD Coach Academy Accredited Coach Training Program. I have a unique perspective when it comes to ADHD of having been married to an adult with ADHD, treating patients with ADHD, working as a School Psychologist one day per week setting up academic interventions for children with ADHD, and having many friends and acquaintances outside of work who have been diagnosed with ADHD! I fully understand the impact this can have on relationships and communication, as well as the frustrations that come with the inconsistencies in performance across settings. My life experiences, coupled with my formal training and expertise, has been very useful in helping patients and clients overcome the challenges that having ADHD creates with tools, interventions, and strategies tailored to an individual’s specific concerns, style of learning, strengths, and challenges.

The ADHD Success Shop fits in well with Dr. Kravit’s passion for helping people manage their ADHD. Having a one-stop-shop for all things ADHD will hopefully make searching for these tools and interventions much easier! Although you can find each item at various on-line retailers, there is no other site that allows for purchasing with the specific focus of ADHD symptom management in mind! Now you can see what other people have tried to manage their condition, and maybe pick up an idea or two for other ways to manage your own! Her hope is that this newly formed shop will help spread awareness about ADHD and how symptoms can manifest across the lifespan, as well as instill hope that even if you or someone you love has ADHD, there are definitely ways to effectively manage it!!


To all of you, from all of us at ADHDsuccessshop.com - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Alison K.