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When you have ADHD, it’s frustrating to try to function in a linear society! ADHD is a disorder of executive functions, that is, it causes problems with self-starting, motivation, self-regulation, time management, and/or organization, among other things. At the ADHD Success Shop, we provide tools and interventions to help cope with, or improve, the symptoms and difficulties posed by having ADHD. Adults with ADHD can find everything needed to function more effectively at home and at the office, including items to improve your sense of time, such as timers and planners, make organization easier, such as storage systems and shelving units, lessen the restlessness, including standing desks and core stabilizing chairs, focus easier, such as fidgets and kick bands, and resources, such as books and other literature, aimed at increasing your understanding of ADHD and how it impacts every facet of life! Children with ADHD, and their parents, can find interventions for the classroom, including kick bands, weighted vests/blankets, various seating techniques, and writing utensils. There are also items that address gross and fine motor movements, sensory sensitivities, and/or organizational and time management challenges! Our inventory of educational toys and resources will teach children how to cope more effectively in their world while having a great time doing it!